Blooming Prairie Foundation



The 2019 Grant Application Cycle is closed. Please check back again in January 2020.


Before applying, please review our Grant Information & Qualifications to ensure your organization is eligible. To be considered for a grant, your organization should complete the 2019 Short Form Grant Application and submit the following additional information:

  • A line-item budget.  (If the request is for partial support, submit the entire budget and show the projected amounts and sources of other financial and in-kind support.) Proposals without this budget will not be accepted.

    • If asking for funding for salaries, please describe the exact duties that these grant dollars will fund.

  • A one-page summary of the proposal. Proposals without the summary will not be accepted.

  • A proposal of not more than five pages that answers the following questions:

    • What is the chartered purpose of your organization?

    • What is the brief history of your organization?

    • What is the purpose of the grant?

    • By what steps does the organization propose to accomplish the grant purpose? When do these stops begin, and when are they completed?

    • How does this request relate to your organization's long-range planning, including your strategic vision and priorities?

    • How does this request relate to the Blooming Prairie Foundation's goals?

All application materials must be submitted by 01 MARCH, 2019. Please send all materials to bloomingprairiefoundation[at]gmail[dot]com.